Sweet Spotz Slot Overview

Players may get their sugar fix with Slotmill’s Sweet Spotz online slot. Slotmill has had success with fruit-filled games like Fruit Smash and the gambling community-influenced Super Fruit Smash, so it seems likely they would try something less wholesome. If you’re in the mood for sweet, saccharine, tooth-assaulting action, join us at Sweet Spotz.

It may be us, but the cheekily fun wild emblem gave Sweet Spotz a Pokémon-like Asian vibe. Gameplay showed Slotmill wasn’t interested in developing a hackneyed, sweet-themed slot after the load screen. Sweet Spotz is brilliantly illuminated, yet the backdrop is more like The Shire (with doughnuts) than a pastel candy nightmare. Slotmill gives gamers familiar features to anchor them while bringing them places they may not have considered. Sweet Spotz didn’t make the largest ‘wo, what is this?’ moment when it lighted up the monitor, but many Slotmill slots have started like that and succeeded.

Sugar Spotz is a cluster-paying slot with an Avalanche feature that awards regular wins when 5 or more of the same pay symbol type land in vertical or horizontal connected places The game board has 6 columns of 6 symbols, and successful combinations remove them and add new symbols. This is done with a volatile math model with 95.48% RTP. Bets range from 20 p/c to £/€60, and feature buys and alternate ways to play are many.

Four hard candies and four doughnuts are Sweet Spotz’s low and high emblems. Baseline 5-of-a-kind clusters pay 0.1 to 0.4 times the wager, escalating to 12 to 125 times if 18+ identical symbols appear.

Sweet Spotz: Slot Features

Slotmill loves features, and Sweet Spotz has many. These include Avalanches, Multiplier Sweet Spotz, Mystery Transforms, Cupcake Wilds, free spins, Fast Track feature purchase, and Burst Mode.

Sweet Spotz multiplier

When a winning sign is removed, its position activates. The location receives an x2 multiplier after the second occurrence. Re-winning on the same place increases the multiplier by x2 to x16. From then, multiplier increases by x4. All winning combinations on top receive multipliers. Multiplier values are added before applying them to wins. The base game clears designated places with each spin.

Mysterious Change

Base game and free spins have Mystery Transform icons. When avalanches cease and a Mystery symbol appears, it activates and picks 10 symbols, transforming them and itself.

Cupcake Wilds

Cupcake Wilds can replace any symbol. Cupcake Wilds randomly jump to a neighboring vacant place, even their own, before the following Avalanche in a cluster win.

Free Spins

When 3 or more Cupcake Wild symbols appear, 6 free spins are given. All multiplier Sweet Spotz activate at the start of free spins, raising multipliers from their initial explosions. All multiplier Sweet Spotz stay till the free spins round expires.

Fast Track

The Fast Track menu offers several Sweet Spotz strategies. These are:

1+ Power Up – 2x wager guarantees 1 Cupcake Wild game round. RTP 96.1%.

2+ Power Up – 10x wager guarantees 2 Cupcake Wilds game round. RTP 96.27%.

Bonus: 100x wager for 3 Cupcake Wilds. RTP 96.43%.

Super Bonus: 400x wager for 4 Cupcake Wilds. RTP 96.62%.

Burst Mode

In Burst Mode, players choose a number of spins and a stake level, and the math model works without reels or front-end images.

Sweet Spotz Slot Review

That seemed weird. We’re used to Slotmill coming up with fresh ideas that other companies hadn’t considered, adding something new and fascinating to the grid slot (or other slot genre), but Sweet Spotz set us back. The similarity to Sugar Rush makes it seem cheeky. There may be more going on behind the scenes, which is OK. Sweet Spotz may inspire the gaming world to conclude that Slotmill enjoyed Pragmatic Play’s Sugar Rush so much they made their own.

Not simply Sugar Rush. Sweet Spotz contains Jammin’ Jars-like features with the Cupcake Wild bouncing about and joining symbols into winning clusters. They carefully selected two popular mechanisms and skillfully integrated them into their slot game. If players can get over the imitative sections, Sugar Rush and Jammin’ Jars might be a hit.

Overall, Sweet Spotz is a delightful slot machine. It has Slotmill’s signature intricacy, beautiful graphics, and fun gameplay. Even though it uses recognizable components, Sweet Spotz has its distinct style. Slotmill is recognized for its original ideas, whereas Sweet Spotz uses existing principles. It’s hardly innovative, but it’s fun to play. Even with classic themes, Slotmill’s games are intriguing.

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