Slot Overview for the Night Roller

Night Roller is a slot game created by Red Tiger and their collaboration company R7, which aims to merge the worlds of board games with glamorous nightlife. Slot machines, Sin City, and dice rolling (but not of the Craps sort) come together in this board game, as players walk about to activate features and collect rewards. The objective is to get to the Spin-Out game, when you’re guaranteed a modifier with every spin.

Night Rollers’ backdrop is a bird’s-eye view of Las Vegas including the Bellagio fountains on the left and Paris Las Vegas on the right. Adding a picture of one of the world’s greatest party cities isn’t enough to make a game entertaining, but that seems to be what Red Tiger sought to do with Night Roller in an effort to make up for its lack of excitement. There are 30 fixed paylines that traverse the middle of the screen over a grid of 5 reels and 5 rows. The Feature Board surrounds the grid and is where the piggy bank icon travels around to provide features and payments when the dice are rolled. Night Roller is typical of the tacky, showy slots with a theme of obscene riches that have been popular in recent years.

The first game is “Bets,” and you may play it for as little as 10 cents up to £/€10 each spin, regardless of the device you’re using. Night Roller’s other statistics fall short of the theme’s expectations. To begin, the 95.68 percent RTP that is the industry standard is satisfactory. Meanwhile, the potential is satisfactory at 5,824 times the stake, and the volatility is regarded as strong. It may sound reasonable that while modifiers are active, they apply to every single spin until they are altered, but Red Tiger seems to have made up for this by adding a lot more dead spins.

Symbols land stacked, which means that they can get in each other’s way on the antiquated 30 payline win scheme, which may explain why wins weren’t extremely common despite the high strike rate. In order to produce a winning combination, at least three similar symbols must appear, left to right, beginning with the first reel. All of the suits except spades represent riches, whereas spades represent poor income. Wallets, bills, bags of money, jewelry, and jewels are all examples of high-value motifs. Players win between 0.9 and 2.5 times their wager when 5 premium symbols appear anywhere on the reels. The Life is Golden bonus round is where you may use the game’s wild symbol (more on that below).

Slot Functions in the Dark Roller

Dice, essential to every board game, appear on the reels at random. The dice are rolled whenever they appear, and the piggy bank figure shifts positions on the Feature Board to surround the reels as it does. The modifiers are held in place until the piggy bank is moved to a new modifier. The board’s spaces contain prizes like:

If you’re lucky enough to land on the WILD position, your spins will have a random addition of wild symbols.

Wins can be multiplied by landing on a 2, 3, or 5 multiplier.

Bombs Away! eliminates all low-paying symbols from the reels.

Coin It is a game in which the player’s wager is multiplied by a random number between 0.1 and 3 times.

If the Feature Board’s Spin-Out square is landed on, the player receives ten more spins. Every time a free spin is played, a die is rolled to see what further bonuses can be accumulated. This implies that many features can be triggered, and each will remain active throughout the free spins, with multipliers added together. Free spins can be increased by five if the player lands twice on the Spin-Out square. Dice symbols do not show on the reels during Spin Out since the dice are rolled automatically after each spin.

verdict on the slot machines

Despite some sluggish gameplay, Night Roller is an acceptable game that fits neatly into the “ostentatious display of wealth” slot genre. In comparison to other games in similar genre, such as Prison Escape, Racetrack Riches, or even branded slot Jumani, Night Roller stands out because to its Feature Board. Night Roller’s subdued tone stands in stark contrast to the flashy surroundings of Las Vegas.

The events in Night Roller are rather intriguing. Introducing a random aspect into the game by switching around the features helps to keep you on your toes. Night Roller is fun at first, but after a time it starts to seem like you’re playing a cheap, unofficial version of Monopoly. While this may appeal to board game enthusiasts, for most others it would likely get tedious after a while. The weird reels/payline layout doesn’t help, too, making it difficult to link together matching symbols, leading to large swaths of dead spins and reducing the effectiveness of any active modifier. The stakes are raised during free spins, although their effectiveness is limited by the game’s very modest symbol values.

The numbers that emerge when you dissect Night Roller aren’t exactly encouraging, however. The maximum payout for a full screen win is 75x for five stacks of diamonds, or 375x with an x5 multiplier from the Feature Board. The claimed potential of 5,824x the bet isn’t terrible, but it’s a bit of a tall order when you consider what you have to deal with. It’s doubtful that Night Roller will be the enormous night out it attempts to represent unless you’re really into these slot/board game crossovers.

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